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Mulu National Park

The Mulu National Park has 1,500 species of flowering plants including 170 species of orchids, 67 species of mammals, 262 species of birds, 47 species of fish and 281 species of butterflies in an area of 544 square kilometers. It has one of the most spectacular cave systems on earth. Twenty-six major caves have been located and among them is the Sarawak Chamber that is the largest in the world. Travel arrangement.



Niah National Park

Some 400,000 years ago, the Niah Great Cave sheltered human life. There are many relics of prehistoric man. Now, bats and swifts share their home with other cave dwellers. Some locals still venture into the dark interior to collect guano and bird nests.

The Painted Cave has little human-like figures drawn in red hematite over graves where the bodies of the dead were each laid in its own boat-shaped sarcophagus. The caves are accessible via a raised boardwalk that winds through lowland forest vibrant with birds and butterflies. Apart from the caves, visitors can explore several kilometers of trails in the park to feel the richness of tropical rainforests, climb a 400m tall limestone ridge or visit an Iban longhouse located near the park's boundary. Visitors can also rent a boat or walk along the river from park headquarters to Batu Niah town. Public transportation is available from either Miri or Bintulu towns, which are a 2 hours' drive away. Visitor permits and accommodation reservations can be obtained either at the National Parks Booking Office in Miri or at the Niah National Park itself.
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